Spring Break Kung Fu China Excursion!

*Update on video: We will now be accepting grades 9-12 and our window for prioritizing seniors has passed. Each qualified candidate will now be accepted first-come-first-serve. 

Language in the Wild is thrilled to lead this sponsored Spring Break Kung Fu China Trip for High School Chinese language learners! 

Here at Language in the Wild we believe language is best learned when working in groups to navigate real-world experiences with experienced guides at your side. What could be more real-world for a Chinese language learner than experiencing the heart of Chinese language and culture in Beijing, working with Kung Fu masters outside of the actual Shaolin temple (seriously!), standing in rank with Qin Shi Huang's famous terracotta warriors, and rubbing shoulders with top business leaders in Shanghai.

And we're so pleased to say that all you have to do is pay for your expenses to get to China and the rest of the costs are completely covered by the incredible support from the Shaolin Kung Fu Vocational College, Center for Language Education and Cooperation, the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, and Language in the Wild. 

Truly a once-in-a-life experience here and ready for you! 




This program has been designed for high school students grades 9-12 learning Mandarin Chinese. This program is not recommended if you don't have any background in learning Chinese. 


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CURRENT ITINERARY  These dates and activities are subject to change.

3/20/2024 Depart as a group from US
3/21 Arrive in Beijing
3/22 Beijing School visits and tour
3/23 Beijing Tour, and Cultural Experiences
3/24 Beijing Tour and Cultural Experiences
3/25 Beijing and High Speed Rail Travel to Xi'an
3/26 Xi'an cultural sites and Terracotta Warriors
3/27 Exchange with local students, High Speed Rail to Zhengzhou, Henan
3/28 Shaolin Temple, Martial Arts and Language Learning
3/29 Exchange with Local Students, Martial Arts, Local Culture Experiences
3/30 Martial arts, locals museums and grottos
3/31 High Speed Rail to Shanghai
4/1 Shanghai tour and business experience with the American Chamber of Commerce
4/2 Shanghai tour and business experience with the American Chamber of Commerce
4/3 Depart for US




All in-country China costs will be covered. This includes meals, in-country travel, lodgings, activities, administrative expenses, staff, and insurance, etc.

You will need to pay for your airfare (which we have already negotiated as a group discounted rate), passport, and China travel visa. 

Additional expenses to consider: given the tight timeline for departure, you may need to expedite your passport if you don't already have one. This increase the cost of your passport. We need to get your passport with enough time to process your visa. We have contacts with the Chinese embassy and will take care of your visa processing for you. 

You will also likely want to bring pocket money to buy snacks, airport meals, and souvenirs. 

Rough cost breakdown:

  • Airfare ~ $1800
  • Passport ~ $165 + possible expediting fees
  • Visa ~ $200

Can't attend this program but are still interested??? Check out another Language in the Wild opportunity this summer with Camp Gung Ho! China Adventure Summer Camp. 



This trip will be led from the US by Eric Chipman with Chinese teacher extraordinaire De He!

- Eric Chipman has been a teacher and administrator with the dual-immersion programs in the US and abroad since 2010. He's organized and led many groups to China through various programs as either a musician, teacher, or administrator. In addition, Eric has guided hundreds of students through travel and camp experiences and is an avid global traveler. He is a licensed Chinese secondary teacher and is certified as an Advanced-High Chinese speaker. Eric is also a certified wilderness first responder, and is experienced in navigating the Chinese medical system in case of emergences. 
For more on Eric check out our staff page.

- De He is native Chinese born and has been teaching and working in the US and Utah Dual Immersion program since 2011. He currently teaches in the Chinese Bridge program out of St. George, Utah and helps lead the Utah program with the State Chinese Dual Immersion leadership team. De He has worked with hundreds of students in camps and special programs. He's trusted and respected by a broad network of administrators and government program officials. 

More US local teachers leaders may join us based on need. 

The Shaolin Kung Fu Vocational College will also provide a wealth of guides, teachers, and Kung Fu practitioners experienced in hosting internationals groups. This includes our primary host, Jun-Ming Zhao who has hosted online Kung Fu programs for Utah DLI students over the pandemic and has personally traveled to Utah and American schools to demonstrate and teach Kung Fu basics and principles.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and dynamic group to guide our students to China for this special program! 



We are collaborating with three supporting institutions. The Shaolin Kung Fu Vocational College with funding from the Center for Language Education and Cooperation will cover  our in-country expenses and the Helen Foster Snow Foundation will support our US staff and administration of the program as well as provide connections to the American Chamber of Commerce. Without their collective support, this opportunity would not be possible. 



After you've been accepted in the program, we will share more specific details on travel.

We will have a hold on discounted group tickets for travel to and from China and we will travel together as staff and students on the same plane. There will be a  group departing from Salt Lake City airport (SLC) and you will also have an opportunity to join the group in San Fransisco (SFO) if you are traveling from the west coast. 


Can't attend this program but are interested in similar opportunities.  Check out Camp Gung Ho! China Adventure Summer Camp.