Immersive Language Learning Outdoor Adventures!

You know maybe the easiest and best method for learning a new language is actually the oldest and most natural one. It might not be an AI super app, or a classroom flush with iPads, or even an elaborate flashcards system gamified to keep your attention and guilting you to keep up your streak. Maybe we could just go back to the roots of why we use language in the first place: things like communicating our basic human needs, developing meaningful relationships with people, working together to solve real challenges as a group, and learning new life skills.   

We as humans are intrinsically motivated by these things; no tech engagement tricks necessary. Our brains are made to learn languages for these exact reasons! But, as you well know, it’s just really hard to find or create that kind of ideal and natural language learning environment.  

And that’s exactly why we started Language in the Wild! 

Here we put ourselves into beautiful natural and authentic environments with the goal if staying 100% in the target language. Removed from our devices and distractions, communication naturally begins to flow and deep relationship grow with the people around you. With incredibly experienced language teachers as your guide, your language skills will develop and expand at a remarkable rate through the constant rotation of skill building activities, thrilling team challenges, and solving problems to meet our most essential needs. The learning of your 2nd language and culture weave seamlessly through all our excursions and adventures. You’ll make good use of science, language arts, and math as practical tools in our outdoor endeavors. And you will go to sleep after a cozy campfire beneath a nightsky with sore muscles and a sore mind, your brain swimming with new language, skills, and experiences.  

Next Available Adventures

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150 US Students and 150 Chinese Students together for a summer camp and country tour in China!