Do something wild this summer!

STARTALK and the Mandarin Institute are pleased to present Language in the Wild Chinese Adventure Summer Camp—a FREE(!) residential language learning summer camp that is actually a camp! We've combined our experience running 20+ successful STARTALK programs with our background running wilderness high adventure language learning camps to create a truly wild opportunity for Chinese language learners.

No desks, no stuffy classrooms, no busywork, instead, picture a circle of tired, dirty, and happy campers around a fire at the end of the day, faces lit, listening to Chinese folktales as they look up at a mountain sky full of summer stars.

Instead of arts and crafts in a classroom, students will climb out of comfort zones and climb up a quartzite rock climbing crag! They'll breathe fresh air, drink clean spring water, milk a friendly dairy cow, and meet new screen-free friends over 14 jam-packed days, all while developing new outdoor skills, Chinese cultural understandings, and expanding their target language proficiency. And through all of this, Campers will personally guided and coached by a unique team of veteran, certified language and outdoor educators.

We are looking for 60 adventurous and motivated participants from grades 8-12, with Chinese speaking proficiency from Intermediate-low to Intermediate-high. The program will run two sessions, with 30 participants in each session.

June 5 - June 17, 2023

June 19 - July 1, 2023

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