• Do I need to have any prior experience camping/with any of the outdoor activities listed?
Nope! We are here to support, guide, and encourage you wherever you are with your experience and comfort level in the outdoors. If camping or hiking is new to you, be sure to check our packing list suggestions (provided after your application is approved). All specialized equipment (like rock climbing gear) is provided by us.
  • Can I participate if I have medication/special needs/allergies/dietary restrictions?
Most likely! We are committed to a program that is as inclusive and accessible as possible. We work with caregivers and campers both to make sure medications, allergies, and nutritional requirements are handled as safely as possible. We are happy to meet with you to go over any needs or accommodations and to discuss whether or not the camp will be a good fit for you. We do our best to make the experience accessible to all, but understand a fully outdoor camping environment may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Can I bring my phone?

Our camps are purposefully screen free! We know this is a pretty wild experience for most of us, attached as we are to our phones, but the benefits of no-tech living are definitely worth it. Many of our campers reported *not* being on their phones was one of their favorite parts of the experience! We recommend that you bring your phone and we'll lock it up for safe keeping until rest-days when campers can access their phone. All leaders will have phones and caregiver's phone numbers on them at all times if there are any emergencies. And if for any reason campers need to have access to a phone during the camp, please request an exemption on the application, and we will figure out what works best.

  • Can I bring a digital camera?

Yes, you can bring a digital camera that is not a smart device. We will ask that you keep it safely packed away until independent time and/or designated activities, e.g. hiking, rope courses, field trips. 

  • What will the bathrooms be like? Are there showers? Washer/Dryer?

At the main farm camp we have flushing toilets in three private/individual unisex bathrooms, plus a classy urinal trough, and (bonus!) a washer/dryer to wash your clothes! There are private outdoor showers with hot water for showering. 

At the mountain camp, we use compost toilets. And guess what?! They're not stinky! Picture wooden outhouses, without the stink, and you've got the toilet situation at the mountain camp. We don't have showers at the mountain camp.

  • How will I know what to bring?
We will provide a packing list after your application is accepted. We do ask that you bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, however, we can provide both if you do not have your own!
  • How should I travel to the camp?
This depends if you are flying in from outside of Utah/Idaho or not. If you are flying we ask you to fly into the Salt Lake City airport before noon on the first day of camp. There are no designated airlines for the camp—just an arrival/departure window of time. We will have a charter bus pick up all campers at the airport at a designated time once all the participants have arrived. 
If you live in Utah or Idaho, you can drive directly to the camp (it is only 90 minutes from the Salt Lake Airport.) We will also designate several pick-up/drop-off locations between the airport and the ranch in Malad, Idaho. Campers can be dropped-off and picked-up at at these locations.
The camp is tuition free, however travel to the camp will need to be covered at the attendees' expense. If that is a concern talk to us about some limited travel scholarships. 
  • Will there be animals at the camp?
Yes. Many. At the ranch there are domestic dairy cow(s), bison, many cats, dogs (border collies), chickens, falcons, bees, and perhaps others!. We may have other wild visitors as well including coyotes, deer, rabbits, snakes, frogs, skunks, beavers, muskrats, raccoons, hawks, eagles, songbirds, ducks, moose, elk, and more. Let us know if there is any concern regarding animals for you. 
  • About COVID-19

Given the completely outdoor and open-air setting our camp is naturally low risk for the transmission of air-born diseases. That said, with attendees flying in from all over the country, we want everyone involved to stay healthy and feel safe. Our current policy is that attendees will need to register a negative COVID-19 test within two days of arrival. We encourage COVID-19 vaccination and any other health precautions, however we will not require proof of vaccination or the wearing of masks to attend the camp. We recognize that the situation may change and require adjustments to our policies, in which case we will update all attendees accordingly.