Gung Ho Education Delegation to China



Language in the Wild and the Helen Foster Snow Foundation are thrilled for the opportunity to re-establish education administrator delegations to China. We know that you, the education decision maker, are the key to keeping Chinese language and culture education programs thriving and growing across the US. 

In conversation with many US Chinese language leaders, it is clear that the dearth of administrator trips to China over the last several years has severely impacted the health and growth of Chinese language programs. As administrators travel to China in these delegations to visit cultural sites, global businesses, and engage with various LEA students and Chinese education counterparts, we have seen that administrators come back to the US inspired to become powerful advocates of Chinese language programs with a new perspective on the deep and crucial ties between the two countries.  

The truth is we often don't really understand our own culture until we have something to compare it to: this is the great power of a cultural exchange. Upon seeing both the fascinating contrasts and shared humanity between the Chinese education system and your own, you will come home reinvigorated with a deeper comprehension of your role as an educator.  These opportunities will provide you with a meaningful understanding of a) what you're already doing well, b) what you could improve upon, and c) the crucial work to equip your students with the proficiency and competency to participate in a globally connected world. 


  • Visit local K–12 schools and universities, meet with educators, and observe classes.
  • Establish meaningful partnerships with local schools and network with colleagues.
  • Learn about resources that will help them build and support Chinese language and culture programs.
  • Experience the rich traditional culture set against stunning modern development.
  • Learn about future opportunities and career-readiness for your Chinese language learning students through the American Chamber of Commerce. 


Dates: 4/3/2024 ~ 4/12/2024

We have several amazing institutional partners making the Gung Ho Education Delegation possible, as such,  these events and dates are subject to slight changes.

4/3/2024 Depart as a group from US
4/4 Arrive in Shanghai
4/5 American Chamber of Commerce international business and educator exchange
4/6 Shanghai tour and School Visits
4/7 Travel to Zhengzhou, Henan Province.
4/8 Henan cultural sites, Shaolin Kung Fu Temple
4/9 Henen local experiences and school exchanges
4/10 Travel to Beijing. Beijing Cultural Sites
4/11 Beijing School Visits and Center for Language Education and Cooperation
4/12 Travel back to US



All in-country China costs will be covered. This includes meals, in-country travel, lodgings, activities, administrative expenses, staff, and insurance, etc.

You will need to pay for your airfare (which we will negotiated as a group discounted rate), passport, and China travel visa. 

Some additional expenses to consider: given the tight timeline for departure, you may need to expedite your passport if you don't already have one. This will increase the cost of your passport. We need to get your passport with enough time to process your visa. We have contacts with the Chinese embassy and will take care of your visa processing for you. 

You should also anticipate personal expenses during overseas travel, incidentals, and souvenirs. 

Rough cost breakdown:

  • Airfare ~ $1800
  • Passport ~ $165 + possible expediting fees
  • Visa ~ $200


We will be traveling as a group from SLC airport on the same flights to China. We are booking these flights as a group. This allows us to get a discounted rate and avoids complicated and disruptive travel mishaps when everyone books their own flight or arrives at different times. We pay a deposit to the airlines and collect payment for the flights from you. 


This delegation will be guided by Eric Chipman from Language in the Wild  and Helen Foster Snow Foundation. 

Eric Chipman has been a teacher and administrator with the dual-immersion programs in the US and abroad since 2010. He has organized and led many administrator and student groups to China as an Associate Director and K-12 Coordinator with the University of Utah Confucius Institute. In addition, Eric has guided hundreds of students through travel and camp experiences and is an enthusiastic global traveler. He is a licensed Chinese secondary teacher and is certified as an Advanced-High Chinese speaker.  
For more on Eric check out our staff page.



We are collaborating with three supporting institutions. The Shaolin Kung Fu Vocational College with funding from the Center for Language Education and Cooperation will cover  our in-country expenses and the Helen Foster Snow Foundation will support our US staff and administration of the program as well as provide connections to the American Chamber of Commerce. Without their collective support, this opportunity would not be possible. Gung Ho ("work together") the term and movement traces it's roots to the important work of the journalist Helen Foster Snow to build bridges of understanding between the western world and the Chinese people.