Mandarin Institute 2023 Outdoor Adventure Chinese STARTALK Summer Camp

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The Mandarin Institute presents Language in the Wild STARTALK Outdoor Adventure Chinese Summer Camp— a residential language camp, that is an actual camp! 

Attendees will spend 60 hours developing Chinese language and cultural knowledge alongside outdoor and nature skills, culminating in a two-week Chinese language and wilderness adventure. Campers will experience the power of learning in the remote environment of a private ranch in Malad City, Idaho, only 90 minutes away from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Our high adventure activities include rock climbing, swimming, archery, lashing, animal tracking, wood carving, pottery, animal identification, farm animal husbandry, and more! All participants and staff will be required to communicate in Chinese 100% of the time. 

Chinese language, characters, folktales, and idioms are all inherently connected to nature and agriculture, making the setting of our camp an ideal context to retain and deepen learners' language understanding. Our language learning objectives focus on group problem-solving, negotiating for meaning, daily routines, the natural world, and global environmental challenges.